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Paul Blart mall cop

Paul Blart mall cop is a movie that I really really like, and enjoy of course. Its about the singeldad Paul, who live with his mother and his doughter. He works as a guard in the mall in town so that he might end up with the economy. He takes his job very seriously and he behave more like a big high-ranking policeman than a guard. One day the mall where attacked by burglars and they, among other people, takes Pauls doughter and his love of his life as hostage. He desides to produce his brave part of himself and saves the day and all the hostage. The film is published 2009 and Kevin James is the protagonist.

This is one of my favorite films because it has so many genres i think. It contains romance, comedy and some sad things. The guard is so so cute and funny when he think he’s so much cooler than he is. And that he has a serious sugar disease makes it even more funny (or sad…). It might not sound so funny but it happen stuff in the film that makes it fun. The more times you see it, the more you will like it. And several times you can laugh out loud. I love this movie, but many of my friends says that I’m crazy. They dont like it at all. But its different how you think. Someone have to like it, right?! I have like this movie for many years and I can watch it as many times as you want.

You have to see this movie if you want a funny hour (or two). And if you want to feel sad over a poor geeky guy, this is the right movie for you. You get a little bit of mother feelings for him, Paul Blart, and you almost feel like you know him

/  Julia/Phinies


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