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As Elephants Are

As Elephants Are
Chances are, you’ve never heard of this band. Not so strange if you haven’t as they aren’t as popular as they might should be. It’s arguable. “As Elephants Are” is following the “dark moody indie pop” genre, they don’t like to relate themselves to any particular genre though. With their “dark moody” music they often release songs with a relaxing yet powerful melody. The band together achieves the perfect mix of a moody, relaxing song while still keeping you as an active listener with happy elements in the song. It’s hard for me to give praise to bands as I don’t always think as much about every element of a song but in my opinion the band is creating great music with great lyrics, great instrumentals, and a great feeling overall. They make sure that you get stuck listening throughout the song without really having to focus at all. You get the feeling that they have created their songs with emotion and really given in their soul for their songs and the contrast between vocals and instruments mixes together really well with their style of music and I’d say they really stick out compared to other bands.  
Even if you’re not an avid listener of Indie I recommend you give them at least one chance to prove themselves for you.  Indie’s a really open genre and I believe it consists of music that can fit anyone as long they find the right song.  Songs like “Souls”, Grown Ups”, and “Went Wrong” are songs that get stuck in my head and I recommend for you to check them out as well. They’re on Spotify as well on Soundcloud and therefore no hassle to find them either. The only thing I have a problem with is that they so far only have a few songs out and while they are easy to catch up on it also leads to tiring out the songs quickly.


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