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Muse, one of
 few bands which can deliver a really good live session. You’ve probably experienced the feeling when you hear a really good band for the first time but later get disappointed because the singer is just plain bad. That’s not something which is going to happen if you listen to Muse. Matthew Bellamy’s singing and makes the whole band stand out as a whole and sounds almost the same as in any recorded studio song and proves that he possesses raw talent along with some really high clean notes. I also believe that’s what makes the band. The band as whole consists of talent which stands out vocally, lyrically, instrumentally and a lot of people agree with the statement that they’re even better live.  
There isn’t much to say really. You must listen to this band if you haven’t yet done so. They make music that can fit most types of people. From calm, smoothing songs to harder and faster songs. Songs like New Born, Bliss and Undisclosed Desires Will make you think and feel while songs like Knights of Cydonia and Map of the Problematique. The one thing that bothers me is that Muse easily gets caught up with the theme of politics. A little bit too much and entire albums can be dedicated for it sometimes. For some it isn’t a problem. It can be hard though as the common themes mostly consist of politics, love or drugs throughout any band and the songwriting is mostly the thing others get stuck on as well.

It can be bland but at the same time it’s something that’s the best and worst part of Muse. It’s inconsistent between the songs but it’s not hard to skip through a song or two if you don’t like it.


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