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The Talos Principle


The Talos Principle is a first person puzzler game which has beautiful graphics and wonderfully memorable music. The atmosphere of the game grabs you from the start with its amazing puzzle design and great writing. Provoking narrative, philosophical and metaphysical questions, this game really makes you wonder. Even though it’s very demanding and intense, I couldn’t put the game away when I played it. You constantly have questions that you want answered and it makes you keep thinking, even when after you stop playing.

You play as a sentient artificial intelligence placed within a simulation. From the start you have this narrative voice who explains himself as your god, your creator. You question his logic and you read from other people who both obey and disobey him. As you follow the storyline you read a lot of texts which are written by various people. Here’s one example of the many texts you throughout the game:


As you are artificial intellige nce yourself you also communicate with a help program who asks you tons of questions. You constantly wonder why you are in this simulation, how to get out, what’s outside of the simulation, who’s behind it, there’s always so many questions!

One thing I didn’t like about the game or what I would want to see more of, is that you should question Elohim (your god) and his logic straight to his face. I would like to see more chaos from Elohim and his reaction as you confront him. Much like Glados from portal who tries to kill you when you don’t do as she says.

If you’re not the kind of guy who plays for the story, tries his best to read everything and follow every single bit then maybe this game is not for you. But this is one of my favorite and most memorable games I’ve ever played and I would suggest this game even though it’s so challenging.

   -Ludwig Sundell


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