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Where the Wild Things Are


Where the Wild Things Are is a well written cold drama about the problems that can be caused by a closed group of people, the trouble with leadership and the cost of selfishness.

Since there is an insane amount of mixed feelings about this movie, I shall start with that I actually enjoyed this movie very much. It’s not the best I’ve seen obviously, but I would say it’s in around my top 25 maybe. This movie is so different and unique and I think that’s why so many people dislike this movie, it’s nowhere near what you expect and makes it very confusing to watch.

This might just be me, but I love watching weird and confusing films. I don’t know if that’s something positive or negative, but I almost always have an open mind before I watch a movie, which is good! This is probably why I loved this movie; I didn’t expect a kid’s movie, or a regular family adventure. I can imagine it wouldn’t be the best movie for a parent to go and watch with his/hers kids since of the dark and moody atmosphere. But I love that kind of stuff! I love how they balance the feeling of creepy and cozy at the same time, maybe more towards creepy though.

Now if I think if you should go and see this film or not is up to you and what kind of person you are. I wouldn’t recommend this as to any family at all, I think kids would either get afraid or bored of it. If you’re an open minded person that likes any kind of drama then I definitely recommend it. It will probably be a different experience and will leave you with a ton of questions, which in my opinion is often good. I love to think about things I’ve watched.

   -Ludwig Sundell


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