As Elephants Are

As Elephants Are
Chances are, you’ve never heard of this band. Not so strange if you haven’t as they aren’t as popular as they might should be. It’s arguable. “As Elephants Are” is following the “dark moody indie pop” genre, they don’t like to relate themselves to any particular genre though. With their “dark moody” music they often release songs with a relaxing yet powerful melody. The band together achieves the perfect mix of a moody, relaxing song while still keeping you as an active listener with happy elements in the song. It’s hard for me to give praise to bands as I don’t always think as much about every element of a song but in my opinion the band is creating great music with great lyrics, great instrumentals, and a great feeling overall. They make sure that you get stuck listening throughout the song without really having to focus at all. You get the feeling that they have created their songs with emotion and really given in their soul for their songs and the contrast between vocals and instruments mixes together really well with their style of music and I’d say they really stick out compared to other bands.  
Even if you’re not an avid listener of Indie I recommend you give them at least one chance to prove themselves for you.  Indie’s a really open genre and I believe it consists of music that can fit anyone as long they find the right song.  Songs like “Souls”, Grown Ups”, and “Went Wrong” are songs that get stuck in my head and I recommend for you to check them out as well. They’re on Spotify as well on Soundcloud and therefore no hassle to find them either. The only thing I have a problem with is that they so far only have a few songs out and while they are easy to catch up on it also leads to tiring out the songs quickly.



Muse, one of
 few bands which can deliver a really good live session. You’ve probably experienced the feeling when you hear a really good band for the first time but later get disappointed because the singer is just plain bad. That’s not something which is going to happen if you listen to Muse. Matthew Bellamy’s singing and makes the whole band stand out as a whole and sounds almost the same as in any recorded studio song and proves that he possesses raw talent along with some really high clean notes. I also believe that’s what makes the band. The band as whole consists of talent which stands out vocally, lyrically, instrumentally and a lot of people agree with the statement that they’re even better live.  
There isn’t much to say really. You must listen to this band if you haven’t yet done so. They make music that can fit most types of people. From calm, smoothing songs to harder and faster songs. Songs like New Born, Bliss and Undisclosed Desires Will make you think and feel while songs like Knights of Cydonia and Map of the Problematique. The one thing that bothers me is that Muse easily gets caught up with the theme of politics. A little bit too much and entire albums can be dedicated for it sometimes. For some it isn’t a problem. It can be hard though as the common themes mostly consist of politics, love or drugs throughout any band and the songwriting is mostly the thing others get stuck on as well.

It can be bland but at the same time it’s something that’s the best and worst part of Muse. It’s inconsistent between the songs but it’s not hard to skip through a song or two if you don’t like it.

 Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies


I’ll start off saying this movie was quite a disappointment for me. Was it bad? Not really, can’t call it good either though. I’ll start off with the beginning of the film. It all starts with Smaug rampaging Laketown. Pretty much what we expected from the huge build-up from the prequel. Nothing wrong with that really. But what disappointed me how easily Smaug was dealt with. It felt like the dragon just came in, destroyed some things and then died. Basically there was this this huge built up which resulted in having to wait a year, and then you receive the payoff which is just gone after 10 minutes and felt like less. Then the plot of the actual movie begins, just feels weird in I can’t say that I’m a big fan of the neither of the trilogies but I can say that there were some questions after the movie which were left unanswered. For example, what happened to the gold, the Arkenstone, the king of the mountain etc.? (I know you can find the answers but still feels that it shouldn’t get left out). This is something that I feel shouldn’t be too complicated to invest a few minutes for. These were things that didn’t bother me at the time as I didn’t pay attention to it for some reason.

 The one thing I noticed the most though during the movie was the lack of dialogue throughout the movie. I understand that the movie basically revolves around one huge fight but it still feels like most of the talking were fillers and weren’t quite necessary or had any real meaning. I began to realize my  A lot of people including me were disappointed with the CGI effects, relying too much on computer animated effects.

There were also scenes which were too unrealistic for me. One scene where Legolas literally runs upwards only on falling rocks doesn’t really make sense to me. Another scene where the orc leader Azog sort of gets knocked out under the ice just to wake up and launch up into the air, especially after an already long fight and everything gets dragged out.

The orcs doesn’t seem like a proper threat most of the time either as any main character basically just could kill 20 of them during a 30 second scene like it was nothing. Even Bilbo threw small rocks at the orcs so they fainted/died. Although it’s said that “hobbits are uncanny marksmen with any kind of missile weapon” it still looks ridiculous for me. Despite me only ranting in this review I still believe that if you’re a proper fan you’ll like this film as a finisher for the series.