The Hobbit ~ the Battle of the Five Armies


The last “The Hobbit” movie has now been shown in cinemas all over the world. The long journey with the people of Middle Earth has now come to an end and people from all around the globe pours out their feelings into social media. Most of them, including myself, are feeling sad and anxious since these books and films have meant very much to them and have had a very big influence on their lives and personalities.

The movie is about the hobbit Bilbo Baggins who joins Gandalf and the 13 dwarves on a journey with the goal to reclaim Erebor, the home of the 13 dwarves that was taken from them by the big fire dragon from the north named Smaug. Since we now are in the last movie we are close to the end and so is the fellowship. They’ve captured the mountain and now their plan is to defend it. It all ends up with war breaking out between elves, dwarves, humans and orcs. Chaos erupts.

Smaug gets a very small role in this movie which I personally think is a little bit of a disappointment. I really like Smaug and I think he’s a cool character and having Benedict Cumberbatch making the voice of the dragon is just brilliant! I would’ve loved to see more of him also because of the stunning animation but sadly there is only a short part in the beginning of the movie where he’s in it. I had actually expected to see more of him.

As a very big ”The Lord of the Rings”- fan I can’t do anything else but to love this movie just as I love the other five movies. “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy is still better in my opinion because when they were made they didn’t quite have the same technology as they have today. They were actually outside on real locations filming those three movies and that makes them feel more real. “The Hobbit” movies doesn’t feel just as real because they are a bit too much edited and the colours makes it feel too unrealistic and even though they were outside at times they still brought lots of gigantic green screens.

After a number of different emotional scenes the movie ends in a very beautiful and I even think heartwarming way with Bilbo coming home to Bag End and as the movie ends it smoothly connects with the beginning of the first “The Lord of the Rings” movie. Beautiful.

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The Nightmare EP &


“Nightmare” is an EP, a slightly smaller version of an ordinary CD, made by the American sing and songwriter Tyler Hagen. He also goes by the name “Sounds like Harmony” and can be found on several different Social Medias such as Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

The EP “Nightmare” was released in the spring of 2015 and holds four well written songs. Lullaby, The Stray, Mystery and Nightmare are the names of the songs found on the CD. Like most of his songs they as well are partly about love, friendship and feelings of different kinds but also a bit about hard times which I believe comes from his childhood and other personal experiences. Some are a bit dark and have a depressed feeling over them but they’re still beautiful.

One thing that makes his music really interesting is that he mixes various genres and instruments including such as Acoustic, Folk, Southern Rock, Blues and even Rap and he mixes it with modern Pop.

I like this little album a lot. I like the type of the songs and I think it’s very impressive and it shows real talent that he mixes so many different genres. It all works out very nicely despite the differences between the song types. You can listen to his music at any occasion whether you’re sitting on the bus, when you’re out on a walk or if you’re just sitting at home chilling. If you’re happy or sad, they’re simply very nice to listen to no matter the situation.

You could think that it would just turn out bad and sound weird when mixing genres that are so distant from each other but it actually works and it creates a row of unique sounds and brings as special feeling to the music.

If you haven’t heard about him or his music I strongly recommend you to go check him up and listen to his music.



“Okami” is a Japanese adventure game that is playable on both PlayStation 2 and 3 an also on the Nintendo Wii.

You could sort of say that the game wants to tell the players a story. The story about how Japan once was saved from falling into darkness by the Shinto Sun Goddess. The goddess was named Amaterasu and took the shape of a white wolf with red markings on its fur. However the markings could not be seen by an ordinary mortal human being and therefore to them looked like nothing more than an ordinary white wolf.

The game takes place sometime during the classical Japanese history and what I think is so interesting about it is that it combines different Japanese myths and legends and put them in the story.

The fighting technique is based on different brush techniques where each one lets you perform different miracles like for example turning night to day or make a dead tree blossom.

The word “Okami” means “Great God”, “Great Spirit” or simply “Wolf” depending on how it’s spelled which obviously is very fitting since the wolf you play as is a great God.

I started playing Okami after hearing several good things about it. Someone had said that it was pretty similar to the Legend of Zelda games and that if you were a Zelda fan you should try it. So I did. It really is similar to the Legend of Zelda. If you have played a couple you can clearly see the similarities between the two. It’s not a bad thing though absolutely not it’s more like the other way around. I mean I love Zelda and therefore I really like this game as well. It’s almost like playing “The legend of Zelda the Twilight Princess” but you are a wolf permanently and are running around in the world of Nippon instead of Hyrule.

It’s a very beautiful game and the characters are amazing, they are well developed and some are very funny. The little helper and wandering artist Issun jokes around with people and he’s just hilarious and he really brings joy and laughter to the game.

What I love with this game is that even if it’s a very funny and beautiful game it also has its dark sides and can get pretty creepy at times as well. It has bits and pieces of everything. It’s fun, it’s pretty and it’s relaxed but it’s also dark, creepy and serious and I really like that. I also love the music and the beautiful art style, it’s all so Japanese and I recommend you all to check it out and try it, especially if you’re into “The Legend of Zelda” or Japan.


I think we all have heard about the fairytale “Cinderella“. You know, the girl who lost both her parents and lived with her evil stepmom and stepsisters, but then married the prince and lived happily ever after. The fairytale was originally written by the Grimm Brothers, back then with a much more darker side of the story. But disney took the story and change it into their style, and it became more child aproved. After that Cinderella has been made into books, movies, series and so on. Disney has already made different versions of Cinderella, both ordinary and with some changes. But it seems like disney just can’t get enough of this wonderful tale.

So this year, 2015 the premiere of Cinderella came in March. But with this movie they really focused on staying true to the original disney version of the fairytale. Not like they did with “Maleficient” for example, they made some twists in that one.


Anyways, Cinderella was a beautiful movie. It was filmed in England with their beautiful landscaped and enviroment. If you’re into that, and the fact that everybody talks brittish, I bet you’ll love it. Other than that the story wasn’t exacly suprisning, like it may have been in Maleficient. But I did liked the acting in the movie, which came as a suprise for me. We got to see great performances by actors like Lily James (cinderella), Richard Madden (the prince) and Helena Bonham Carter (the godmother). Although one thing in the movie came to be very annoying,viz the fact that Cinderella was breathing with her chest, like extremely lifting it with every breath she took. I don’t blame the actress for that though because I think the director had a big say in how it all should have looked.

Other than that I liked the movie. It’s obviously cheesy, but hey it’s a fairytale, it should be!

Looking for Alaska

First of all; no, this book is not about finding the state Alaska.
I’m glad that we have cleared that up. Now, the story is actually about this guy called Miles Halter aka “Pudge”. Miles has recently left home to start his junior year in Alabama. He simply wants a fresh start with new cool friends, and he just constantly seeks for something new. Oh, and this dude is obsessed with last words, kind of weird huh? Anyways, in this new school Miles meets Alaska Young, and he basically falls in love with her at the first sight. Alaska shows him her world and even though she is a difficult girl to know, he just want to be with her. But after one day, nothing will ever be the same. A tragedy has hit him, and Miles discovers the value of living and loving unconditionally.


This book is written by John Green. You may have heard of him, he’s very sucessful and he has written bestsellers like “The fault in our stars”, “Paper towns” and so on. And he also got this big youtube channel. A funny thing about this book “Looking for Alaska” is that it was published in 2005, but it didn’t reached it’s big sucess until 7 years later.

So what did I think about the book? Well, it was funny, it was sad, and it opened up my thoughts. It was a good book. But the thing is that I had higher expectations. You see, right before I read this book I had read “The fault in our stars”, which was lovely. And because everyone seemed to love this book even more I had to give it a shot. But I got let down, I would not call this book cute, it’s actually kind of depressing in one way. And that’s the thing with John Green books, they got similarites to eachother. People say if you’ve read one of his books you don’t need to read another. Why? Because he focus on three things; Humour,love and death. Now I don’t know if that’s true, but it kind of feels like it after the three I’ve read.



Review on plot episode


The new TV series “The mysteries of Laura” aired on the Swedish channel 5, January 7th 2015.

The show is about Laura Diamond (Debra Lynn Messing), a single mother of twin boys who’s also a homicide detective. Through this plot episode we get to know the characters mostly, especially Laura. We get to experience these two very different sides of her life, the one where she’s at work and cracks serious murder cases. And the other when she’s at home being a regular mother who deals with family problems, just like everyone else. For example we see how she’s dealing with her recent split up from her husband. Although the funny thing is that you can see how she brings her job home with her. When her children behaved badly in this episode you directly saw how the regular mother turned into the detective she is. And that’s kind of funny to watch. But the episode gives us more than that; we also see how Laura solves a murder case. A good one that is very important for the following episodes.


I liked it. I think it’s a funny show, good comedy even though the series itself involves crimes like murder. You automatically think that it focuses on the comedy, but the thing is that the cases (and most importantly the solutions) are really well planned too. A TV-show where you can solve mysteries and laugh at the same time? You got it, and this time with a kickass mother. But it might be a little bit cheesy from time to time I guess. However it’s hard to say because it’s only the first episode. As for me I’m looking forward to the next one. They have a good start with the show now and all they have to do is not to screw it up.  

Emma Andersson

Yu Gi Oh Trading Card Game

favorite_yugioh_monsters_by_alanhobbes-d6gzqdq s-l1000

The starting point of the theme began in the year 1996 as a comic book written and illustrated by Kazuki Takahashi. The book series became the spinoff to probable the most recognized Yu Gi Oh anime tv serie; Duel Monsters, that was produced from year 2000 – 2004. Takahashi also wrote and illustrated the tv show. The show did tremendously well, getting more and more people to crave for an an actuall card game based on the series. In early 2000 the highly known game developing company ’’Konami’’ released the first sets of cards, many adapted from the tv serie. Soon the card game started to massproduce and overwhelmed many areas around the world. Back then if you where a kid and would not be playing Yu Gi Oh, you just had to because the trend stood high, and it was only to become bigger. Console games of the series developed, toys, books and new tv shows of the theme but also new variation of playing the game.

Some games are meant to stay the same and others are just meant to develop. The Yu Gi Oh card game changed its different play style, it advanced. While some liked the changes and stuck by over the years others quit it, manly for the reason. I began playing it, quit because of I forgot the game, and when I a couple of years ago came back I saw a big intrest and potensial in the game and I’ve stucken by since.

A great part of the community of players disslike the game because now days it has become so easy to put the opponent in a submissive state, so easy to unable them to do anything to get out of the situation he or she is in, or just ending the duel in a swift and rapid way. Many are angry that Konami is not limiting cards that are to powerful (3 cards to 1), changing the card effects of the stronger ones, or not getting support to the cards that are weak to counter act.

I completely agree with the people. In a way the game has become to unstable but at the same time Konami is on the right way of finding a balance. They are taking small steps by inflating the smaller pieces to match up with the bigger ones. The question is just, will it be enough? As of right now the community is big, but if Konami dosn’t make the game stable enough so the people could actually play the game fair i believe the will drop alot of the followers in a certain amount of time.

I personally love how it has become more of putting your mind an actuall test than just taking rapid actions. A small move, a wrong move can mean so much in the situation you’re stated in. I love how the game in an instance can change its course, from an easy and steady position to a swift and hasty act with many different options. The game has reached higher aged people in its advancing, and developed younger generations in thinking and action testing. At the same time as I see the downfall of the game I see a bright future in hope that people will find joy and put their mind to test when playing it.


Dennis Goretti